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Wrapping Up The Year!

It's been a good year full of ordinary and extraordinary happenings. And as this year comes to a close, I've been making cookies. Lots and lots of cookies!

I've read lots of books this year too. The latest book was titled Dollop and Mrs. Fabulous by Jennifer Sattler. It's the story of sisters Dollop and Lili. When Dollop gets bored one day, she joins Lili for a tea party. Lili transforms into Mrs. Fabulous and Dollop arrives as a ninja only to be told there are no ninja's allowed at tea parties.

So Dollop takes part as just Dollop, but soon decides Lili's tea party is even more boring than playing by herself. Once Dollop leaves, Lili misses her company and creates a situation that calls for a ninja rescue, Dollop's specialty.

All this good food and good books are putting me in a good mood. So to wrap up what has been a lovely year I've decided to host a year-end-give-away. Three entrants will win a trio of Fern Valley books which include Fern Valley, Return to Fern Valley, and Cooking in Fern Valley.

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