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Fern Valley Cover with chicken in tree
Fern Valley


Fern Valley is home to a group of wonderful animals who have fun and face some of the same problems children everywhere do. Roberta and Mildred Cornstalk are creative chickens dealing with the loss of their beloved granny, and they're looking for something to do to cheer them up. Want to know what adventures they find? Want to know what happens to Roberta and Mildred's brother, Edward, when he goes fishing, what birthday surprise is in store for Betsy Woolrich, or what lesson Kimmy Curlytail learns when she keeps something that isn't hers? Then follow this endearing cast of characters as they enjoy their time together and learn important lessons.


A perfect addition for any child's personal library and a joy for families to share, Fern Valley is a collection to be treasured for many years to come.

Return To Fern Valley Cover - farm animal kids in tree
Return To Fern Valley


The Fern Valley Kids are back in twelve new and exciting adventures. Join Mildred and Roberta Cornstalk as they discover a clue hidden inside a library book. Peek into the window of a secret cottage with the lovely Betsy Woolrich. Find out what Jason Curlytail builds from a box, what Alice Redfeather does when she gets locked out of the house, or how Nathan Gruff copes with the news of a new baby.


The perfect addition for any child's library and a joy for families to share, Return to Fern Valley will have you falling in love with your favorite characters all over again.

Cooking in Fern Valley Cover - farm animal kids at birthday party
Cooking In Fern Valley



​Welcome to Fern Valley, where every day is an adventure. Join your favorite Fern Valley kids, like Mildred and Roberta Cornstalk, as they plan a surprise party for their friend Kimmy. Follow along as Sammie Gruff learns who sent her a secret valentine, or cheer Jared Curlytail on as he tries to fugure out what he can make for the school "bake and craft" sale. And when the adventures are done, be sure to head to the kitchen to whip up one of the twelve delicious recipes included.

Quack and Daisy Cover - duck and cat
Quack and Daisy


Quack the duckling and Daisy the kitten meet for the first time in the meadow and instantly become best friends. Can two such unlikely friends stay friends when everyone else tells them it's impossible? Will Daisy's failure to swim and Quack's inability to catch a mouse cause them to give up on each other? Or will their friendship survive? Find out in this fun new adventure!

Quack and Daisy Beyond The Meadow Cover - duck and cat
Quack and Daisy - Beyond The Meadow


Quack the duckling and Daisy the Kitten are best friends who spend  most days playing in the meadow.

One day, Quack decides to tell Daisy a secret. She tells her of Mama Duck's ominous warnings to not go beyond the meadow.

Will The two friends heed Mama's words about the dangers beyond the meadow, or will their curiosity get the better of them?

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