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The Pie That Almost Wasn't

Updated: Apr 4

Good Morning my friends. As I get ready to enter the Fall Writing Frenzy Contest, I wonder where the summer went. If you ask me, I didn't nearly get enough beach time.

A Fallen tree at edge of beach

a lighthouse against blue sky

Or hiking time.

a bridge in the forest on a hiking trail

green maple leaves

But that's how it goes sometimes. Anyways, since it's fall, I have more time to write; and thanks to the wonderful Kaitlen Sanchez, creator of the Fall Writing Frenzy Contest, I have a place to share something I've created.

Fall writing frenzy participant badge with leaves

So based on one of the picture prompts listed on Kaitlyn's page, here is my story, The Pie That Almost Wasn't.

Pumkins in front of hay bales with bike in background

1. Photo by Monstera Production on

When Emma heard the third grade class was hosting a bake sale, she shivered because _ she loved to bake pies.

That night she gathered ingredients.

Flour and shortening for crust. Sugar and cinnamon for flavor. And apples for …

“Who ate all my apples,” Emma wailed.

Her brother’s eyes grew large. “Sorry Sis.”

She tried to think.

Then, she remembered strawberries.

She skipped over, flung open the fridge door, and …

“Curse you mold,” she said with a sigh.

She scoured the fridge.

Not a blueberry, lemon, or lime could be found.

She scoured the pantry.

Coconut and canned pumpkin were not present.

“Don’t cry,” she told herself.

She’d just about given up hope, when she spied the pumpkins her mom bought to decorate the porch.

She cut, baked, and pureed.

She added sugar and cinnamon, plopped in milk and eggs, and whisked.

Ding, ding, ding sang the oven timer.

Emma set her pie on the counter to cool.

When her brother sniffed the air …

Emma said, “Do Not Even Think About It!”

The next day Emma’s pie sold for more than any other treat.

“Not bad for a pie that almost wasn’t,” she said with a grin.

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