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When Pigs Fly!

Fancy Scrollwork

I can't believe another year has come and gone and spring has sprung. And once again, I'm entering the Spring Fling Writing Contest. As usual, each entrant posts a spring gif and a story not to exceed 150 words. Below is my entry, When Pigs Fly. I sincerely hope you enjoy this spring pig llama drama!

When Pigs Fly

“Can I wear your llama socks?” I asked.

“When pigs fly!” My sister replied.


Wonderful, I thought.

I walked next door to see the new batch of pigs.

“You just need some help!” I said.


I tied balloons around squishy pig middles.

That did not work.


I went home and put on my thinking cap.

My sister jumped when I hollered, “BINGO!”


The next day...

I dragged a pig up a flowering crabapple.

Costume wings didn’t work either.


At home I paced until I got another idea.

“Stop by Farmer Gus’s at noon,” I told my sister.


I grabbed supplies and started creating.

“This will work,” I told myself.


As noon approached, I saw my sister.

I grabbed the nearest pig.

“Slingshot Power!” I shouted.



Squeals filled the air.

Farmer Gus was not pleased.


That night I was grounded, but …

I didn’t mind because I was rockin’ llama socks!

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Amy Miller
Amy Miller
06 thg 4

Aileen, I love the MC's determination and creativity! So fun!

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