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The Connections We Make

The connections we make in life are many and varied and range from family and close friends to co-workers, critique partners, bank tellers, teachers, neighbors, and more. And it is through these connections we forge bonds and make memories. Sometimes the memories are good and sometimes not, but either way, they shape who we are.

But the beautiful thing about memories is that during those times when life seems daunting we can pull out the good memories to keep us going. This past week husband, my daughter, her boyfriend, and I took a vacation to Tennesee and created some great memories and deepened our family bond!

We laughed together over gross-out sodas.

We enjoyed the beauty of God's handywork.

We shopped at some fun and unusal stores.

And we enjoyed the night lights.

This beautiful time spent with family was a blessing I'm grateful for and seems to pair well with the book I read upon arrival home. With Your Paw In Mine, written and illustrated by Jane Chapman, is a delightful tale of family and friendship from the point of view of a baby otter.

When Mama Otter goes off in search of food, she leaves Miki tied in seaweed so she won't float away. Miki is lonely when Mama is gone, but she soon makes a friend named Amak. As the days pass, Miki and Amak become the best of friends and when a storm sends them drifting out to sea, they hold paws to keep from being afraid.

As the sea swells around them, they hear other baby otters, but soon they all hold paws. The tiny new formed community clings tightly to each other as waves crash and swell around them. Eventually, Miki hears Mama's call and all the babies are once again reunited with their loved ones.

As the sea settles, Miki tells Mama how she, Amak, and the others kept safe by holding each other's paws and she understands the idea of connecting with those around her.

Be sure to find this book and read it for yourselves be it from the library or a purchase from a

book store!

I hope you've enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as my foray into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next time.

As always, wishes for a week full of wonder!

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