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The Promise of Spring and A Lambslide

This past week Emily put on her creative hat and made yet another beautiful birthday card for a friend.

I entered the Susanna Leonard Hill Valentiny Contest, and although I didn't place, I had a great time crafting a story that I feel was strong.

I enjoyed a beautiful night sky.

And I began to notice the days are getting longer and that means spring is just around the corner. So it seemed appropriate to read a book from my stack called Lambslide written by Ann Patchett and illustrated by the best selling illustrator of the Fancy Nancy books, Robin Preiss Glasser.

The adorable group of lambs living on the farm believe everything revolves around them. The sun comes up because they are ready to play. The sun goes down because they are ready to sleep. And the grass grows to please them. But when they over hear Mrs. Farmer tell her daughter she will win the race for class president by a landslide, they think she said a lambslide. So of course they want to know where the lambslide is. They are sorely disappointed to find there is no lambslide and set out to obtain one. This humorous story is a great read for kids six to eight.

I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as my foray into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next Monday.

Wishes for a week full of wonder!


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