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Potato Pancakes and Other Yummy Words

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

This past week I found a wonderful side dish recipe for potato pancakes that took me back to my childhood. I remember my mom using left over mashed potatoes to make delicious potato pancakes to go with our breakfast eggs and bacon. Over the years I tried my hand at making them, but they usually fell apart in the pan. Many cooking shows later, I concluded the potato mix just needed a binder. So I jumped on Pinterest and found a recipe that was a bit zippier than the one my mom used, but oh so delicious. It included potatoes, an egg (the binder), a pinch of hot sauce, green onions, and cheese.

Don't they look yummy? If you think so, and want to make some of your own, just click here!

Besides my love of cooking, I love words. Words of every kind. So Ms. Shutta Crum's book about Mouseling is just right up my alley. And if you look at the cover closely, you'll notice that "yummy" is one of Mouseling's words.

Mouseling loves the words on bits of papers in his nest, the words his Aunt Tillie brings him from the restaurant. But when it comes time for Mouseling to leave his comfortable home and start a life of his own, he is most reluctant. He refuses to leave his comfortable world of words until his aunt tells him there are words without end outside of the nest and restaurant.

Ms. Shutta weaves a tale of delight and Ryan O'Rourke's beautiful illustrations bring Mouseling's words to life. So if you have yet to discover Ms. Shutta's work, run don't walk to your nearest book store.

I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as my foray into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next Monday.

Wishes for a week full of wonder!


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