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It's Valentiny Time!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I know I usually post on Monday, but this week I held off a bit. Every February Susanna Leonard Hill sponsors a Valentine writing contest called_ you guessed it, Valentiny.

The idea is to write a Valentine story with a middle, a beginning, and an end for children using 214 or less words. There is also a theme and this year's theme is curiosity. The writers then post it on their blog and wait to be judged. And all this work and waiting is all in an effort to win fabulous prizes like books and critiques. I know, books and critiques. Who could ask for anything more. Well, I would also ask that you check out Susanna's blog by clicking here!

So here's my entry. I hope you enjoy.

Watcha Doin’?

[Word Count 205]

“Whatcha doin’?” Charlie asked from the next yard.

Joy poked her head out the tree house window. “It’s a surprise.”

“For who?”

“You just mind your own business,” Charlie Granger.

Joy whirled around, something red whirled with her.

“Do you need help?” Charlie asked.

Joy poked her head out the window again. “Nope.”

Charlie watched a few more minutes before heading inside.

He tried to read a book. After reading the same page three times he gave up.

He tried to watch television. But his mind kept wandering.

Finally he made sandwiches. Then he headed to Joy’s house.


Joy looked out and saw Charlie holding two plates. She smiled. “Yes?” she asked.

“I thought you might want some lunch.”

Joy just stared.

“Awe. Come on Joy. Let me come up and see whatcha been doin’.”

“Alright,” Joy said.

She shimmied down the ladder and took a plate from Charlie before climbing back up. Charlie followed behind.

Once in the tree house, Charlie looked around. There were decorations everywhere, but what caught his eye was the huge heart that read:

Will You Be My Valentine, Charlie?

“Well?” Joy asked. She watched the tips of Charlie’s ears turn pink.

“I’d love to!” he said.

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Deb Bence Boerema
Deb Bence Boerema
Feb 18, 2020

I read your cute story to my husband. We both liked Joy's feisty character. Our favorite line was, "You just mind your own business, Charlie Granger." Good luck! <3


Jean James
Jean James
Feb 15, 2020

I love the way this read between Charlie and Joy. Really sweet! Good luck.


Feb 14, 2020

This is adorable! I love the interaction between the characters and the sweet ending. Nicely done!


Aileen Stewart
Aileen Stewart
Feb 14, 2020

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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