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It's Time

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

It's the time of year again for the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest

sponsored by Ciara O'neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez! So I chose my spring themed GIF, worked and whittled my words down to 150 or less, and now I hope for the best. But no matter the outcome, the task was a great challenge for my brain, and for that I give heartfelt thanks 💕

A Perfect Mud Pie Day (Word Count 146)

Patsy threw on some clothes and jumped out the door.

She breathed in air that smelled like worms driven from the earth by overnight rain.

It was a perfect day for…

Mud pies!

She headed to the garden. “No seeds planted yet!”

Dog raced ahead and started digging.

“Stop that,” she said as a glop of mud smacked her eye.

Patsy spied a Frisbee. “A perfect plate!”

Brother joined her.

“I need decorations,” she said.

She returned to find mud in Brother’s mouth.

She sighed and added mud to her creation.

Mom came out to announce lunch was ready.

Patsy jumped up. “I made dessert!”

But then…

Patsy tripped.

Mud flew.

And pie landed on the top of Mom’s head.

Patsy cringed.

Mom just laughed. “My first mud bath.”

They all hosed off and headed in for lunch.

Patsy smiled. “This was a perfect mud pie day!” she said.

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1 comentario

09 abr 2021

Thanks for sharing this fun story with us for spring fling kidlit; I love what a good sport mom was!

Me gusta
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