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I Wonder

Summer is flying by quickly, but we are managing to get some day trips in. We took Emily and her boyfriend, James, to Port Clinton and walked on the beach.

My sister and I went to Vermillion to beachcomb, and we got great advice from the lake!

We took the kids to Ye Old Mille in Utica Ohio to visit the Velvet Ice-cream factory.

We visited Ohio Amish Country.

Bobby caught a big Bass at my brother's house.

And we spent a quiet Fourth of July at home.

And although I wonder how, I still managed to get some fun reading in! First I read IGOR by Francesca Dafne Vignaga which is the delightful tale of Igor. The only thing Igor knows about himself is his name, so he sets out on a journey to find another creature like himself. He makes lots of new friends and eventually heads back home to relax much like we did after our trips. IGOR is definitely a book your littles will enjoy, so be sure to see if your library has a copy or buy one of your very own!

The second book I read was titled, I Wonder, and was a delightful collection of questions. The kind of questions every child ever born has asked like "What do clouds taste like?" I enjoyed reading the series of questions that made up this book by K. A. Holt, and I enjoyed the soft, warm pictures by Kenard Pak as well. Another book I highly recommend!

I hope you've enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as my foray into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next time.

Wishes for a week full of wonder!

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