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Flying Deep

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Hey everyone. I haven't posted in a while, but February has brought me back from the dead so to speak.

In January I joined the 12 x 12 PB group, a group I've wanted to join for some time, and it's even better than I imagined. It's like belonging to the world's largest critique/support group. The first month I managed to write and revise two new stories as well as revising several older stories. This month I managed to write and revise another new story which is great because that is the point of the group. Twelve new stories, one a month, for a whole year.

I also managed to try out lots of new recipes in new Instapot including yogurt, celebrated Emily's 16th birthday and her cousins 18th, filed my taxes, birdwatched, and made valentine cards from recycled cards and craft closet scrap. You might say I'm flying high, flying deep, and flying wide.

and speaking of flying deep ...

I read Flying Deep written by my friend Michele Cusolito and illustrated by Nicole Wong. It's a beautifully written and illustrated book about Alvin the deep sea submersible. Michelle has crafted this non fiction story in such a way as to invite you the reader in as part of the journey. No boring reading about what someone else is doing, You are the part of the crew!

In a time when people can't even get out and do everyday things, Michelle gives you an opportunity to use your imagination and dive down deep where most people never get to go. And her co-star, Nicole, brings a softness and lightness to what is normally a dark and foreboding place.

I hope you've enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as my foray into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next time.

Wishes for a week full of wonder!

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