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Farmers' Market and Books By Friends

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

This past weekend was our first Farmers' Market of the season. I happily greeted my return vendors, my new vendors, and customers alike. It's early on so fruit and vegetables aren't as plentiful, but strawberries are in season and people snapped up cartons of them like Ariana Grande tickets.

Besides managing, I sold baked goods that included home made granola, mini quick breads, brownies, and scotchies. I also took my books along and sold a set of my Fern Valley chapter books. A lovely lady bought them for her granddaughter's upcoming ninth birthday.

In addition, my week included to package in the mail from my friend and indie author Pat Brannon and a surprise find at the library by friend Tammi Sauer author of You're Alien and Your Alien Returns.

The package held Pat's latest book Pip's Ridiculous Road Trip. A book that contained no morals, no lessons, just a ridiculous and fun trip. A car trip that ran amok because of Pip's obsession with collecting stray animals along the way. The colorful illustrations enhanced the story told in rhyme. There were one or two spots where the meter wasn't perfect, but other than that a fun story that will certainly have kids giggling.

My surprise library find turned out to be Tammi Sauer's Mary Had A Little Glam. It took me a minute to get to the reading because I couldn't stop admiring the beautiful end papers. I do love interesting end papers. The story was equally impressive. Also told in rhyme, Mary dresses with great care for her first day at school. She arrives and finds the other children completely lacking in glamness which she soon rectifies with expert advice. All goes well until it's time for recess and everyone finds themselves over dressed. Fortunately Mary comes up with a plan to deal with the crisis and all turns out well.

I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as this behind the scenes look into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next Monday.

Wishes for a week full of wonder! Aileen

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1 Comment

Deborah Boerema
Deborah Boerema
Jun 11, 2019

Fresh finds are always a treat, whether at the farmers' market, in the mail, or on the library shelf! Hope the rest of your summer continues to be equally fruitful, Miss Aileen!

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