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Faith and Fellowship

This past weekend I had the privilege to participate in the Faith and Fellowship Book Festival with one of my literary besties, Deb Boerema. We sold books, caught up with friends, made new friends, entertained children, and had a generally uplifting time!

To me it was a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas early. And since Christmas is almost upon us, here is a list of Christmas and Winter Titles I've enjoyed through the years.

Earmuffs For Everyone, written and illustrated by Meghan McCarthy, tells the story of how Chester Greenwood became known as the inventor of earmuffs. I learned that many credited inventors did not actually invent the items they were credited with, but in actuality, merely improve them. This book is treasure trove of information with funny complimentary illustrations. It also included mentions of other inventions, famous improvers, and even women's rights.

Together at Christmas is a beautiful Christmas book by Eileen Spinelli is a story of ten cold mice who leave their huddle one at a time to find shelter from the storm. Each does indeed find a place of refuge, but in the end they realize something even more important then enjoying a cozy dwelling alone.

Henry and the Yeti is the story of Henry a boy who believes in Yetis. Henry wants to find a Yeti. So, Henry sets out on a journey to meet a Yeti. Henry has an incredible adventure but the proof of meeting a friendly Yeti was accidentally left behind. Will Henry be mocked for the rest of his life, or will he be able to prove Yetis really exist?

When Emily was little, we took this book out every Christmas. Sometimes I read it and sometimes she read it. Either way, The Story of Christmas is a beautiful reminder of the gift of God's Son!

I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as my foray into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next Monday.

Wishes for a week full of wonder!


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