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Growing Up!

This summer flew by in a whirlwind of activity. Besides a multitude of day trips ...

And Farmers' Market ...

And peaches ...

Emily started school. So what? You ask. Don't all children start school? The answer, of course is yes, but this year, after seven years of homeschooling, Emily is now attending a career and technology high school. She also made it into the College Credit Plus Program and is taking college art and college English.

So excuse me a moment while I secretly wipe away a tear or two, because while I'm excited for her new opportunities, I will desperately miss her. It's almost as if I blinked and POOF, sixteen years went by.

So to all you wonderful readers who still have youngsters at home, enjoy it while you can because it goes fast!

And maybe read them The Big Bed written by Bunmi Laditan and illustrated by Tom Knight. The Big Bed is a story told by a young child who expertly pleads her case for daddy to move out of the big bed, thus leaving more room for her and mommy.

Humorous to the extreme with pictures that draw the reader deeper into the story, this book will be a hit with any parent who has ever shared their bed with a child and any child who likes to snuggle in the big bed rather than sleep alone.

I hope you've enjoyed a brief glimpse into my week as well as my foray into the kidlit world. I also hope to see you here again next time.

Wishes for a week full of wonder!

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